Why You Should Switch To NUCIG

There are various reasons why you should switch to NUCIG. However, rather than bore you with every superlative of why we’re awesome, here are the facts below that should prove to you why you should choose us!


  • Each product is custom-designed in the UK
  • Sleek and compact ecigarettes
  • Select products also resemble “real” cigarettes
  • Vapours are maximised according to volume
  • Organic VG (Vegetable Glycerol) ingredients
  • Over 30 ecigarette flavours available on stock
  • You can have the look and colour of your ecigarette customised
  • New-generation kits are rolled out every year


  • No messy cigarette ashes
  • No noxious cigarette odour
  • ABSOLUTELY no tar
  • Carbon monoxide-free
  • It doesn’t count as a “fire hazard”
  • You only get to exhale “vapour” instead of “smoke”
  • It doesn’t count as a ‘cigarette’; thus, you’re free to use it anywhere
  • Man or woman, using NUCIG simply makes you look sexy


  • It’s 75% cheaper than buying garden-variety cigarettes
  • Liquid refills are less costly than buying a pack of smokes


  • First-time customers are automatically enrolled to an exclusive rewards scheme
  • Collect points on every purchase to save money on future purchases
  • Special deals for loyal customers


  • Instant email and SMS text alerts
  • Dedicated telephone and online chat support
  • Online checkouts are protected by 256-bit encryption system of Symantec
  • Constant website scans for malware and vulnerability
  • One-year warranty, with a 30-day money-back guarantee concurrent to NUCIG’s Returns Policy

So, are you convinced now? Join the thousands of customers from all over the world satisfied by NUCIG’s services and find out what you have been missing recently!

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